SMS has supported the implementation of end-to-end Agile delivery models for organisations.
SMS can provide skilled practitioners in all elements of Agile delivery and transformation.
SMS can deliver outcomes via Agile frameworks that result in direct value to your business.
By providing coaches to assist in guiding teams, individuals and projects, the learning curve to agility can be reduced.
SMS has in-house capability to certify via the Scrum Alliance and ICAgile.

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SMS offers a wide range of ICAgile and Scrum Alliance accredited training courses, both direct to organisations and to the wider public. Become Agile accreddited with SMS' Agile Team today.

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"Agile was a great example of how you can create an achievement focused team in partnership with a vendor. We're already seeing the benefits both to the organisation and the stakeholders we work with. I wouldn't consider implementing an IT enabled project any other way."
Chris Moon, Sustainability Victoria

What We Can Offer
We accelerate organisations through their own Agile journey. Our Agile transformation approach to support bi-modal delivery, helps build the required organisational culture to sustain and grow effective practices that will last.
Our experiential learning has highlighted the imperative to support agility across the whole environment; across the enterprise, managing agility and growing from within.
We leverage coaching and training to execute against a digital strategy.
Our History in the Agile Space
Our journey began in 2004 when we started leveraging Agile. Since then, we have pursued focused growth in our Agile capabilities ensuring balance across a range of skills and clients. Because of this we have gathered experience and lessons that have allowed us to refine our approach and develop some unique capabilities. We are proud of our history that has lead us to this point. Our history, balance of focus and experience means we are ideally positioned to partner with organisations that require an acceleration on their own journey with Agile.

Providing Agile Transformations for our Clients

Sustainability Victoria: Agile Delivery

An Agile, collaborative and innovative approach delivered an integrated CRM solution which realised great benefit for Sustainability Victoria’s processes and business operations. SMS worked collaboratively with SV providing a team of developers, testers, Scrum master and Agile coach to work alongside SV resources to deliver a successful outcome.


 SV Enabled wins Government IT Award

An online Business Management platform developed by SMS and Sustainability Victoria has been recognised with a national government award.