Helps you learn about and understand the nature of a problem or opportunity, and what it means to people.
Here we understand what will work, what won't, why and how.
Looks at the most likely and valuable solution to transform your idea into a tangible form.
Delivers on your outputs and showcases the value of the solution you have created.

What is Design Thinking?

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Design Thinking: think differently, unleash creativity, enable transformation, improve customer experience.

Enable Transformation

In the past, design often occurred late in the development process. The focus was on making new products aesthetically attractive or enhancing brand perception through smart, evocative advertising.  Today’s innovations have expanded towards, and encompassed, a more human-centered design methodology. Companies now approach designers to facilitate collaborative experience design, explore ideas and co-create solutions, rather than just making products look good.

Customer Experience

The Customer Experience Economy has shown small and large enterprises alike that recognising the needs of customers and the importance of unique and engaging experiences is key to providing a successful base for ongoing business growth and stronger customer resilience. SMS delivers customer experience engagements across digital strategy, services design, user experience and visual design, and product innovation. The types of engagements in transforming businesses range from full-scale restructure of internal delivery models, client relationship management, public facing websites, upgrades to customer call centre interaction models, developing new mobile applications. Basically, end to end customer engagement whether external or internal.

Flexible and Collaborative

Design Thinking is a flexible and collaborative methodology that helps you to think differently about problems, products or services. It can empower you to be more innovative, address organisational challenges, and generate the new and amazing ideas that will transform your business.
• Alignment and advocacy - in complex and simple organisations
• Design, strategy, process change, technology and solutions,
• Stronger connections between products and services
• Customer experiences that differentiate
• Innovation where appropriate

Leverage Customer Insights

The key to a successful customer-centred design is empathising and understanding your customers. Business are now focused on sharing internal and external users stories and experiences at a level that creates focused approaches to realising the best customer experiences possible in end to end journeys.

Where we’ve done it before

Telstra super saves 50% of time and budget

SMS Management & Technology was recommended by Microsoft to Telstra Super as a partner of choice for the design, development and implementation of their new Financial Planning & Advice Model utilising Dynamics CRM.


The Biggest Transformation In Their History

This Airline has a vision to be the world’s best airline. Part of this involves upgrading their systems with the best available technologies and practices, providing a fully integrated end-to-end passenger services system.