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Brochure | Digital Transformation

Technology is changing the way we live and the way we work. This brochure will help your organisation to understand how you can better keep up with this change through Digital Transformation.

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SMS can help you look for ways to cleverly integrate your business into the digital landscape, ensuring you are responsive and agile.

Digitize Your Existing Business
  • Improve customer acquisition and retention through improving customer experience.
  • Improve marketing, sales and product development effectiveness through smart use of data.
  • Reduce cost to sell and serve automation of processes.
Identify Disruptive Threats To Your Business
  • Where are you vulnerable to your competitors and future competitors taking advantage of these opportunities?
New Business Opportunities
  • Unbundling existing products and leverage existing assets.
  • Replace products with services.
  • New value propositions.
Take Advantage of Opportunities and Respond To Threats
  • Define a roadmap of costed initiatives across your people, processes and technologies.

Where we’ve done it before



Mulpha Plastics DR Strategy

Mulpha were keen to investigate ways of reducing their IT overheads without impacting on delivery.



Green's Launch Into 21st Century

Green’s vision for the 21st century was to be a thriving consumer foods business with both the scale and capability to become a true force within the Australian FMCG industry.