IT Departments find themselves overwhelmed by complex, multi-channel data, new technologies and service models - whilst facing increased demand for information services from customers. This often leads to the emergence of ‘shadow IT’.
As a result, data governance becomes ever more necessary and challenging as volume, complexity, consumption and distribution of data sources increase.

How To Harness The Power of Real-Time Social Insights

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Disciplined Information Management - enabling reliable, compliant, timely, cost-effective information. Information Management creates an overarching strategic approach to cost-effectively satisfy the organisation’s, the markets and regulators’ ever-increasing demand for insight and information services. 

Disciplined Information Management

• Understand your business and technical context
• Form a vision for how information can support the achievement of business objectives
• Undertake Information Asset Audit and Benchmark Information Management Maturity
• Define your Information Management Strategy: the current state, target state and roadmap for Information Management initiatives implementation
• Plan Information Management processes, governance, technologies and organisational resources
• Catalogue data and information services that will realise the business benefits of information
• Define and present the business case to support informed investment decisions

Better Understanding Information

SMS will help you understand the value of your information and establish a strategy for managing it, positioning you strongly to:

  • Know and serve your customers better
  • Transform your organisation with better insights
  • Optimise organisational performance through integration and transparency
  • Make better (real time) decisions, driven by data
  • Monetise your data assets
  • Leverage Big Data and the information from digital channels, IoT and social media
  • Be confident of your data quality, privacy and regulatory compliance

Client Success Stories


Telstra super saves 50% of time and budget

SMS Management & Technology was recommended by Microsoft to Telstra Super as a partner of choice for the design, development and implementation of their new Financial Planning & Advice Model utilising Dynamics CRM.



Green's Launch into 21st Century

Green's vision for the 21st century was to be a thriving consumer foods business with both the scale and capability to become a true force within the Australian FMCG industry.