In a digital economy, businesses are being challenged to respond to market opportunities more quickly than the competition. Data is a key enabler of business agility and decision-making which means organisations are more reliant on data than ever before.


bytes of data is created every day.


of the world's data in has been created in the last two years.

ONLY 0.5%

of big data being generated is being analysed.

To compete, organisations must harness and manage information - with the right balance of security, flexibility and accessibility.

Information Management: Enabling your digital transformation

Information Management provides an approach to cost-effectively satisfy an increasing demand for information and insights, whilst protecting your organisation’s and your customer’s data.

Analytics: Put the information to use!

Business Intelligence and Analytics capabilities provide you with visualisation, analysis, and insights based on your information.

Targeted Solutions and services

Whether you need to understand and manage your organisation’s information assets, develop your analytics capabilities or build real-time, embedded analytics solution, we can help you.

SMS can help you do this through:

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    Information Management Strategy

    Understanding your information requirements and defining a plan to enable your business strategy.

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    Analytics Lab

    Advice and solution design to aid organisations in selecting the right analytics technologies and platforms.

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    Enterprise Analytics Platform

    Implementation of an Enterprise Data Provisioning and Business Analytics platform.


Industry-Specific Analytics

Industry specific business analytics solutions addressing the requirements of business units or enterprise functions


Analytics as a Service

Addressing specific business challenges using our data analysis team and SMS’s cloud-based analytics platform.


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