We collaborate with our customers’ business and technology experts, applying human-centred design and agile delivery techniques. We develop applications that are designed from the outset for self-service, achieving high levels of user engagement and enabling reduced-cost for service delivery.

Managed Services

In the modern economy, businesses need operational services that are as lean, efficient and reliable as possible. At the same time, businesses are challenged to respond to market challenges and opportunities more quickly than the competition. Download this SMS brochure to find out more.

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To succeed in modern organisations, IT leaders must focus on enabling, and often leading, business capability and maximising the value derived from investment in IT - all whilst keeping things running smoothly. Operational services should be a low-cost commodity, allowing value-adding innovation to be the focus of attention. Keep your vital business applications running smoothly and free your business to focus on delivering real value.

Don't just keep the wheels turning - maximise the value of your applications.

Specialised Applications Management services are an increasingly critical tool, allowing IT leaders to focus attention and investment on tomorrow's business capability, rather than today's crisis, ultimately keeping the wheels turning.

Applications As A Service

Supply, operation, management and enhancement of applications as an end-to-end service.

Applications Support and Management

Operations, support and management of your own applications.

Specialised Application Support

Working with your own Service Desk and teams to provide escalated support for your applications or software platforms.

get a cost-effective, reliable and responsive service.

We can manage your full suite of enterprise and industry applications, or a single specialist application. Delivering end-to-end value is the key to ensuring you are benefitting from the full capability of your applications. This includes:

Planning and Transition

Portfolio assessment, cost benchmarking and options analysis.

Operation, support and management

Management and maintenance, supply, operation, monitoring, performance management, availability and deployment.


Applications development, portfolio transformation, testing and automation.


How We've Empowered Our Customers...

Improved Efficiency

With its improved efficiency, ability to lower costs, and stronger support structure, the MMIS solution helped Main Roads WA to take the next step forward in managing 18,000kms of roads and 300 workers using mobile devices.

Significant Time Savings 

Utilising Dynamics CRM and Office 365, SMS helped Consumer Affairs Victoria to significantly reduce application time for over 40,000 users and organisations.