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We find innovative ways to deliver the power and flexibility of the world’s leading productivity solutions to our customers.  We understand the ever increasing productivity challenge and work closely with end users to ensure they take maximum advantage of the technology.   Together with our partners we deliver the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping save time, money and free up valued resources.

10 Common Mistakes When Implementing Salesforce and How To Avoid Them

Are you thinking of implementing Salesforce as a customer solution? Check out the 10 most common mistakes people make during implementation before you commence.

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Leverage Technology: Automate and Manage

Leverage your technology to automate repeatable business and technology processes, and reduce costs or free staff to focus on other things. These processes may include case management, business process management and related solutions, that start with removing outdated systems, reducing the amount of unusable data, and extracting valuable insights from the data you have.
Eliminate waste and manual processing of repetitive tasks so that staff can focus on higher value activities. That can be spending more time with customers, delivering for clients, providing improved outcomes for citizens, or driving business growth.

Enable user productivity from anywhere with cloud first, mobile first SMS solutions.
The Office of The Future | Office 365

Migration, Management, Advisory and Change Strategies for OneDrive, Project Server and Outlook.

Drive Process Efficiency | Pega

Case Management, Automation, Business Process as a Service.

Collaboration Solutions for Modern Business

Collaboration, communication and sharing solutions for agile business with tools such as SharePoint, Yammer and Skype for Business.

Delivering Real Results

We focus on delivering tangible benefits that drive productivity to individuals, teams and companies with the breadth and depth of knowledge to increase productivity in your business, right now.

Process and Productivity Solutions we've delivered...


Telstra super saves 50% of time and budget

SMS was recommended by Microsoft to Telstra Super as a partner of choice for the design, development and implementation of their new Financial Planning & Advice Model utilising Dynamics CRM.

SV Enabled

Sustainability Victoria Sets Agile Example For Government Agencies with CRM Implementation.

Improved Efficiency

With its improved efficiency, ability to lower costs, and stronger support structure, the MMIS solution helped Main Roads WA to take the next step forward in managing 18,000kms of roads and 300 workers using mobile devices.

Significant Time Savings

Utilising Dynamics CRM and Office 365, SMS helped Consumer Affairs Victoria to significantly reduce application time for over 40,000 users and organisations.